Microblading – Your DO and DON’T guide


If you struggle to get the perfect eyebrow every single morning, then microblading is there to save the day!

Microblading is an brilliant way to get fuller, thicker eyebrows without the need for permanent tattoos.  It is long-lasting and minimally invasive and growing in popularity by the day.

Let’s address some of the most well loved questions regarding Microblading.

Is it painful?  There is no pain associated with microblading. A topical numbing anaesthetic is used to numb the epidermis and a gel anaesthetic is used to numb the dermis.

Is it permanent?  No, it is not permanent but can last between 1-3 years on some individuals.

What is the healing process like?  Your brows will go through a few phases during the healing cycle.  Immediately after the procedure, the pigment is still sitting on the top layers of the skin and appear dark. The area will be kept moist. After 7 days the scabs will all peel off naturally and the colour can disappear. Like a normal scab the colour disappears and reappears within 6 weeks. The colour will appear a lot more natural and mimic real hair.

You can expect the lightest tones during days 7-12 because the colour is still being absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin.  The skin cells then resurface to the upper layers and it is then that the pigment is pronounced again.  For a right reflection of the healed colour, be prepared to wait 4-5 weeks after the first treatment.

What is done at the second treatment?  This would be your touch up treatment and is usually done at 6 weeks after your initial treatment.  This is when you Permanent Makeup Technician will be filling in any missing hair strokes and will also add or make hair longer to achieve the ideal shape and will help in achieving the desired depth and colour.

You have chose that microblading is just what you need.  But there are some vital dos and don’ts for before and after procedure.


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  1. Research your technician

As you know, microblading is not permanent, but can last up to 3 years in some cases.  You need to research your technician to ensure that they are skilled in microblading and can give you the best advice on brow shape that is most flattering to your face.  Look into things such as certificates, before and after pics as well as referrals.

  1. Pigment Research

Make sure your technician is using Premier Pigments. This is the only pigment that will not change colour. Nothing worse the peach, blue or purple brows.

  1. Wash your hair the night or morning before

You won’t be able to get your new brows excessively wet for a small while, so delight in that hot shower and wash your hair before you go for your microblading session.  If you have to wash your hair within that week, it’s recommended you is a bath and carefully shampoo avoiding soap on the area for about 7 days after the treatment.

  1. Get your swimming and surfing in

As mentioned, you are not allowed to get your brows excessively wet for a couple days after treatment and this includes and submerging your head in the bath.

There is a myth about exercising but as long as it stays relatively dry, exercise is not a problem.

  1. Follow aftercare instructions

This is so vital and something most people tend to dismiss.  If the Aftercare instructions are not followed correctly it can affect how your brows heal.  And this will result in additional treatments at additional cost.

  1. Bring pictures

Take a selfie so your technician can see how dark you normally do your brows.  Also bring along any other pics of brows you like.  Your technician will advise what is doable and what is best to avoid.

Your technician will draw on your brows and advise what will suit your face.

  1. Bring makeup

For the treatment, your technician will remove all makeup, so don’t worry about wearing makeup to your appointment.  You may apply a small makeup afterwards, but take care to avoid the brow area.  To be safe, stick to some mascara and a dash of lipstick.  A girl’s best friends.




  1. Don’t Pluck, Thread or Wax your eyebrows.

Pluck, thread or wax your brows 24 hours before you go and see your microblading technician for a treatment.  You need your natural brows in place, so the technician can make the appropriate measurements and give you proper advice on what can be done and will be suitable for your face. So please don’t removal all your hair but a excellent shape helps a lot. So please shape before you come 24 hours beforehand.

  1. Don’t get your brows Excessively wet

Don’t submerge your head in water. You will make the brows damp and the healing will be compromised.

  1. Do not scratch, Pick or Rub the Brows

Do not pick, peel or scratch at your brow area.  If you do, you could be removing some of the ink and your brows may end up patchy.  If the itch is unbearable tap it to help ease the itch.

  1. Avoid direct sunlight and tanning beds

If you have to be outside, wear a cap. Avoid using sunblock or it can help pull place the pigment but remaining in doors is a far better option.

Once all the scabs have fallen off and the brow area feels smooth again please don’t forget to wear sunblock. At least a 30 SPF. This will help our microblading last longer.

  1. Avoid alcohol

Not for too long though ladies.  Do not drink any alcohol 24 hours before your treatment.  Afterwards you can celebrate with a nice glass of wine.

  1. Medication

Stop drinking any aspirin or blood thinners 24 hours before you go in for your first treatment.  If the blood is too thin it can push the pigment out.

  1. Aesthetics

If you get botox done it is suggested that you need to get your last botox at least 2 weeks before your first treatment or 2 weeks afterwards.


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In closing

Remember that it is a 2 step treatment to get the full effect.  You may feel a small disappointed at first as some strokes may appear too sharp in the beginning.  It is completely normal and will soften over time.  It will take a few days to show up fully.

Don’t set yourself up for disappointment with unrealistic expectations when you first visit your microblading technician.  Be open to their suggestions as they are the experts and professionals and will advise what is best for you.

Microblading has brought along a groundbreaking new, fuss free way to get your perfect brow.

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